Your wealth fortress with a strong monthly profit We love our friends so we share our treasure with them…   And they can share it with their friends… We are all building a wise family with a great saga…


About Us

We are behind Saga Profit - passionate people who have put all their experience into creating a trading robot that brings us passive income and time freedom.

Thanks to over 25,000 hours of trading, we have found a winning system in Forex and other markets.

But why not transfer all our strategies and skills into an altruistic and profit-generating robot for us, for our friends and even for the friends of our friends?

Our robot embodies all the needs that humans have but are not capable of. It works limitless, without fears, greed, indecision or ego. Market analysis and making buying/selling decisions meet the highest speed and accuracy.





Our Saga


Our passion for trading was born in the 90's.

“I gave up my job as an assistant professor of informatic economics to entirely dedicate myself to trading.

Shortly after, I became the main trader for a large investment fund on commodities, stocks, indices and values.

In the tens of thousands of hours of trading in front of computers, I faced various situations and emotions and I had to make important and quick decisions.

By managing large portfolios of companies, I have built my own trading strategy. And with a good strategy money becomes only numbers to multiply.

Then the first thought arose: to develop a robot that would maximize my plan and not lose any milliseconds of profit.”

We had made millions of dollars for many other companies.

After 12 years of hard working, in which both people and companies have put their trust and money in our hands, we can now say that trading is like walking on the wire.

With all the gained experience behind us, we decided to start developing the IT algorithm together with one of the most brilliant minds, a person with over 25 years of experience in IT.

He is a senior programmer in java, python and c++ and a great software bugs detectors.

In the 5 years of building and testing the robot, we had shared the idea with our friends and started imagining how our lives would be when everything would be ready.

Suddenly, everyone around us started dreaming of a carefree and independent life.

So it became the robot of friends and our altruistic vision of "passing on" was born.

Income Packages


In order to be part of our Performance Program you have to purchase at least one SGP Packages that contains 1000 electronic internal coins at a price of 1 USDT per SGP.

You can extend your deposits up to a maximum of 25 packages to get more staking profit!